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Mia's Guide to Surviving the Winter Blahs

Who's feeling those mid-winter blues? Pale, dry skin? Feeling moody and blah? While we're still a couple weeks away from Punxsutawney Phil's verdict on how the rest of winter will pan out, there are a couple of steps we can take to perk up during these dark, 12° times. And my recent shopping trip with Momma had nothing to do with it. 

Now let's see what I have in my box of winter goodies...

1) Take care of your skin!

If you're like me, dry winter air leaves your skin peeling from lack of moisture. So far, I've yet to find the secret to keeping my face moisturized. During a recent trip to Lush, I was shown a new fresh face cream by one of the sales girls. Brazened Honey combines ground almonds, honey, and spices to soften and brighten your skin. Washing off this mask was like revealing brand new skin underneath! My skin was much brighter, and felt soft for days. That alone perked me right up, but if you're still feeling down, keep reading.

2) Switch up your perfume!

I know most gals prefer a muskier scent during the winter months, but the heavy smells make me feel bogged down. I like to switch to a more floral scent to tide me over until the warmer weather months. Momma was generous enough to pick up a bottle of Miss Dior at the Macy's counter this past weekend. 


During the winter months especially, I try to take an extra five minutes to amp up my makeup. I love wearing bright rosy cheeks and thick, lush lashes. With my new mascara duo from Dior, for $20 I got sample sizes of their Diorshow mascara and maximizing lash pumping serum. Not a bad deal for tubes that cost $28 each. Along with cheeks, lashes, and lipstick, I love a good, bright color to cheer me up. Bleak, overcast skies are typical for NYC winters but a bright red plaid shirt perks me right up. Step back from your fall/winter plums and evergreens to dig out a bright blouse or sweater.

How do you beat the winter blahs?


  1. My cheeks are always way too pink, especially in the winter - I need anti-blush!

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  3. love your tartan blouse! :*

  4. Love this post! And I'm totally hooked on Lush!

  5. that face masks sounds wonderful! I'll have to go pick it up!

    xx Angie |


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