USA Network Political Animals Premiere 2012


Another day, another red carpet invitation. Sigh, will it ever end? I'm joking, of course. I LOVE going to these events, so when I received an invite from USA Network to join them for their premiere of Political Animals at the Morgan Library, I knew I'd be there, rain or shine. It turned out to be the latter, in my case, so my darling @laurenharshman and @love_xt. I apologize in advance for the horrendous quality of the photos. Most of the actors were rushing into the building to escape the rain, and I was also holding a phone, purse and umbrella all at the same time. :'(

A prime example of my gorgeous outfit that day. This is my friend Jason who announced the talent at the last event as well.

Willie Garson (White Collar) was actually one of the first to arrive, and spent plenty of time with us fans as we awaited the arrival of the Political Animals cast.
Dylan Baker (mistakenly called Phillip Baker on my twitter... woops) was such a sweetheart as he stood and chatted with us. He loved the turnout and was very patient with fans asking for photos.

Ciarán Hinds as he signed autographs. I didn't get one because my hands were full :'(
My cute umbrella....

This lucky lady got a photo with the dreamy Sebastian Stan...

Fun Fact: James Wolk's dad was hiding behind the lady James is about to sign an autograph for. When James reached out to shake the outstretched hand of his father, he was surprised and exclaimed, "Oh! You're my dad!"

Fashionably late, and with an award-winning smile, the star of Political Animals, Sigourney Weaver exits her limo in style.

@love_xt and I were toughing it out in the rain!

We didn't mean to coordinate outfits... We just did.

End of the day, tired but happy!

And of course @laurenharshman and @love_xt and I celebrated yet another event in style, at The Stanton Social downtown. The food was to die for, the drinks were hardy, and I must say the service was absolutely on point. From free dessert for a small hiccup during dinner, to a sweet waitress named Lily, we ended our night right in the best tapas restaurant in the city.

99 Stanton St
(between Orchard St & Ludlow St)
New YorkNY 10002
(212) 995-0099

Catch you guys at the next event!


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