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As a BzzAgent, I am frequently given the opportunity to try new and exciting products and to tell all of you about them! This time around, I was offered to try a sample of Neutrogena's new Nourishing Long Wear Makeup foundation. As some of you may know, Neutrogena has been producing makeup recently that promises to not only look good, but also nourish your eyes, lips, and face. This product promises a 12-hour day in addition to correcting skin tone over time. The bottle pictured here is #10 Classic Ivory.

For starters, I had a hard time getting the product out of the glass bottle, which is a big flaw for the product.The consistency of the foundation is similar to Lancôme Absolue Makeup, which comes in a jar for easy removal and application. I ended up using the handle of a eyeshadow brush to get to the foundation, quickly applying it on my face and blending with a beauty blender before the thick makeup could set. While not an impossible task, it definitely was an unnecessary roadblock to my routine. 

I applied the foundation over Benefit's POREfessional primer to get all the milage I could before heading out for the night. As I mentioned before, the thick foundation set really quickly so I had to blendblendblend it out with the beauty blender to make sure I had even coverage. It come across more streaky than the Absolue, and I think I would have had a much harder time trying to apply this formula with a brush.

The formula covered pretty well, I didn't feel the need to apply another layer in order to even out my skin tone. On my skin, it didn't look too cake or create flakes. The result was matte, though I was wary of taking photos that night because the Nourishing Long Wear foundation had an SPF of 20, which can be reflective with flash photography. This photo was taken with natural light.

Six to seven hours later, when I got home I noticed that the foundation had lasted through dinner and drinks without complaint. Though this is no where near the 12 hours it promises, I can see how the formula could last through a full work/school day. Unfortunately, I did notice a lot of transfer onto my fingers and napkin throughout the night so the foundation doesn't 'stick' to skin any better than most that I've tried, even after being set with powder. This photo was taken at night, hence the terrible lighting of my lamp. You may see a bit of the reflective sheen from the lamp's light.

Overall, I was okay with the quality of the product. Thick formula with good coverage, but a glass bottle preventing you from getting it. Smooth finish with no caking, but reflective. I'll do my best to finish the bottle, but I probably won't be purchasing one on my own unless there is a serious overhaul of the packaging design. With a $16 price tag, this foundation is on the pricier end of the drugstore makeup spectrum.

Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear can be found in most drugstores where Neutrogena cosmetics are sold.

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